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Roll Bending Machine 1 unit

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31 Mar 2022
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Bending Pipe

Specification of Roll Bending Machine 1 unit

Roll Bending Machine

Roll Bending Machines Roll Plat or Plat is an important engine in the manufacture of the pipe or tank being able to roll the plate so as to form a circle curve profile.

Iron Bending Roll Machine H-type plate Bending roll machine design is generally divided into three types:

1. Roll Bending Machine plate asymmetrical, is the simplest type, using a 3 roll are arranged asymmetrically in which two roll used to clamp and one roll for directing. Power that can be adopted from human power, electric or hydraulic motors. Mengerol plate used for thin plate.

2. Engine plate roll 3 roll, rollnya arranged like a triangle, two parallel mounted roll under and 1 roll mounted on the bottom of the roll between the two. using electric motors and hydraulic power. used to mengeroll plat2 thick and in some of the leading brands of these machines can be to form conebending (cone), the function of cone bending does not always exist in the machine three roll, and for an unknown form cone bending requires a capacity of 2 times greater than in the form of pipe or tank usual ,

3. 4 roll plate roll machine, roll refinement of the engine 3, wherein 2 rollnya mounted straight on the bottom and 2 roll again installed in addition to either side, these machines make it easier in the operation, such as ease in placement because the plate can be installed parallel to the table or side support. Function more perfect cone bending also done by this machine. In doing rolling known as prebending, ie where the tip of the plate rolled into a very loud so it stays straight (not terbending well) this is due to several factors, such as the design of the product itself (especially 3 roll) and the skill of the operator. In the 4 engine roll it can be minimized so that the results of rolling leaves no plate is still straight (which usually must be cut to remove them), so the result is terbending perfect end to end live welding course, of course, the power that is used to perform the functions prebending (mengerol tip) is greater than mengerol middle.

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